Mixed Breads & Flavoured Oils £4.75 V

Fresh Mixed Olives £4.75 V

Tomato Soup £4.95 V

Served with warm bread & butter

Squid Rings (to share) £6.95

Served on dressed leaves and a side of garlic mayo

Cheesy Garlic Pizza £5.95 V

Thin crust pizza topped with garlic butter & mozzarella

Chocolate Orange Chicken Wings (to Share) £6.95

Cooked in our own BBQ sauce and dark chocolate

Nachos to Share £6.95 V

Topped with homemade salsa, sour cream & jalapenos

Pretty in Pink (Nachos to Share) £7.95 V

Topped with spicy fried onions, melted cheese, with a Red Tomato Pesto Gouda sauce, Jalapeños and fresh coriander

Chilli Con Nachos to share £8.95

Topped with homemade Beef Chilli Con Carne


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