All our homemade burgers are Gluten Free* and served in your choice of bread, choose from Brioche, Ciabatta, Gluten Free* or no bread at all, & they all come with French Fries & a Salad garnish

*Whilst our burgers may be Gluten free, some of the toppings are not, please bear this in mind when ordering from our menu.

The Fun Guy £10.45 V

Large flat mushrooms, onion rings, goats cheese, sliced tomato, beetroot & fresh rocket

Who Me £10.45 V

Halloumi, deep fried in our Southern Fried coating sat on crisp leaves and beef tomato topped with coleslaw and a fresh tomato salsa

Happea £10.45 V

Chickpeas, garden peas, red pepper, red onion, fresh herbs, lime juice, paprika, garlic topped with tomato salsa and mozzarella

Plain & Simple £10.45

Our classic homemade burger

Plain, simple with cheese £10.95

Our classic homemade burger with melted cheddar cheese

The Burger £11.95

Our classic homemade burger topped with bacon and melted cheddar

SFC £11.95

Southern Fried Chicken and cooked in our homemade southern style coating, with beef tomato and garlic mayo & served with a side of house coleslaw

The Cheeseboard £12.45

Burger stuffed with stilton & apple, topped with mozzarella & Fig chutney

THE ELVIS £12.45

Homemade burger, with crispy bacon, melted cheese, peanut butter topped off with banana

Trump (it’s that daft it might actually work) £12.45

Homemade burger with a doughnut, strawberry jam, maple syrup and a side of warm custard

The Golden Ticket £12.45

Homemade burger with a chilli & dark chocolate centre. Topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Matador £12.45

Homemade burger stuffed with chorizo & sweet paprika topped with melted cheddar & bacon, served with a side of tomato Salsa

Burger Wellington £13.95

Beef Patty stuffed with Harrogate blue cheese from Shepard’s Purse, topped with garlic mushrooms, cooked in puff pastry and served with a homemade red wine gravy

Bucking Bronco  £13.95 hot food icon

Our classic homemade burger, with a kick! Topped with chilli cheese with deep fried chillies on the side plus a side of our unique homemade silly sauce

Oink Oink  £13.95

Homemade pork burger infused with apple, topped with a beer battered onion ring & BBQ pulled pork

Double Bubble £13.95

Homemade burger, topped with chicken strips, covered in pan fried onions & melted cheddar cheese

Chicken Jenga Rosset Sports ClubRosset Sports Club £13.95

Seasoned chicken strips topped with Yorkshire squeaky cheese (Halloumi) from Yorkshire Dama Cheese’s and paneer fries fresh rocket, beef tomato and fresh Chimi Churri

Jack The Lad £13.95

Pork burger flavoured with a JD and coca cola glaze, topped with crispy bacon strips and mozzarella

Bengal £13.45Shalimar

Chicken strips topped with Shalimar’s chicken tikka curry sauce, toasted almonds and vegetarian samosa

Cheesecage £13.95

Our house ribs (de-boned, we hope) cooked in our own BBQ sauce topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella

Ultimate Cheeseburger £13.95

Beef patty topped with cheddar & Yorkshire Squeaky cheese (halloumi), Pork Patty topped with Mozzarella & Katsu coated camembert with a side of stilton and mixed cheese sauce

Mess £14.95

Southern fried beef patty topped with homemade chilli con carne, southern fried chicken strips, tomato salsa, soured cream, jalapenos, fried egg and paprika

Surf ‘n’ Turf II £14.95RAMUS

Homemade beef patty stuffed with garlic prawns, topped with rocket, a homemade fish cake, squid rings and large shell on king prawns served with Vanilli’s chili, lime and lemon sorbet

Not content with our usual burgers, have them a bit differently with our Tower of Burgers


Build your own tower of burgers using one or a combination of burgers from the above selection

Blackpool (158m) £16.95*

Order in a Lancashire accent & choose two of our homemade burgers, served with a dressed salad & french fries

Eyeful (301m) £20.95*

Say it in a French accent & choose three of our homemade burgers, served with a dressed salad & french fries ‘ooh la la’

Shard (310m) £24.95*

In a cockney accent choose four of our homemade burgers, served with a dressed salad & french fries

Stratosphere (350m) £28.95*

Supersized American style, this tower is five homemade burgers of your choice, served with a dressed salad & french fries

tower burger at burgers and more

*Additional £1.50 per burger if choosing Surf & Turf


Collect in person and get 10% off

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