Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls Vegetarian £4.95

Served with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Dough Balls Vegan £4.95

Served with garlic mayo

Cheesy Garlic Pizza Vegetarian£5.95

TO SHARE – Thin crust pizza topped with garlic butter & cheese

Vegan topped with violiffe cheese Vegan

Squid Rings GF option Gluten Free £6.95

TO SHARE – Served on dressed leaves and a side of garlic mayo

Coffee Chicken Wings Gluten Free £6.95

TO SHARE – Cooked in warm coffee custard

Piri Piri Chicken Wings Spicy Gluten Free £6.95

TO SHARE – Cooked in Piri Piri sauce

Vegan Nachos Vegan Gluten Free £6.95

TO SHARE – Topped with salsa, jalapenos, violife cheese and sour topping

Nachos Gluten Free Vegetarian  £6.95

TO SHARE – Topped with salsa, sour cream & jalapeños

Pretty in Pink Nachos VegetarianGluten Free £7.95

TO SHARE – Topped with spicy fried onions, melted cheese, with a Red Tomato Pesto Gouda sauce, Jalapeños.

(Contains Nuts)

BBQ Ribs Gluten Free £7.95

Slow cooked in our house BBQ sauce

Chilli Con Nachos Spicy £8.95

TO SHARE – Topped with our Beef Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Non Carne VeganGluten FreeSpicy £8.95

Vegan TO SHARE – topped with our vegan chilli butternut squash, mixed beans, onions and peppers

Gluten Free



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