Topped with either our tomato sauce or BBQ sauce, mixed cheese (voiliffe cheese for vegan options) and dressed with rocket leaves

Margherita Vegetarian £8.25

Mixed Cheese & tomato sauce

Vegan topped with violiffe cheese

Squeaky pizza Vegetarian £8.75

Yorkshire squeaky cheese (Halloumi)

Vegetarian Vegetarian £8.75

Fresh tomato, red onion, mixed peppers and garlic mushrooms

Rainbow Vegan £8.75

Red onion, mixed peppers and tomato

Pepperoni £9.45

As it says, pepperoni

Menwith Hill £9.45

Peanut butter, pickles & hot dog

Chicken & Mushroom £9.45

Chicken and garlic mushrooms

Jackanory Vegan Spicy £9.45

BBQ jack fruit, jalapenos & red onion

Fiery Jack Spicy £9.45

Spiced baked jack fruit, mixed peppers a mango, pineapple & habanero dressing

Heat Spicy £9.45

Chorizo, chicken, jalapeños, fresh chilli’s & sweet chilli sauce on a spicy tomato sauce

Meat Feast £10.45

Chorizo, chicken, bacon, pepperoni &
black pudding

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