Not content with making amazing burgers and pizzas, we also dabble in this stuff…

Scampi £10.95

With garden peas, tartar sauce & lemon wedge served with a dressed salad & french fries

Squeaky Yorkshire blue salad Gluten Free £10.95

Grilled Halloumi and Harrogate blue cheese served on mixed leaves with fresh rocket and parmesan

Pedros Salad £10.95

Oven baked chicken breast cooked in garlic oil and topped with Camembert and Chorizo and sitting on a crisp dressed mixed leaf salad

Wish & Chips Vegan £10.95

Battered Banana blossom pieces, fries, garden peas, tartar sauce and mixed leaf salad

Hunter’s Chicken Gluten Free £11.95

Chicken breast, bacon, barbecue sauce, topped with melted cheese, served with a dressed salad & french fries

Posh Parmo £11.95

Our unique twist on this North East classic. Panko’d chicken breast, cheese, garlic sauce, cheese sauce and more served with French fries and a dressed salad

Pimp your parmo:
One extra topping £1 / Two extra toppings £1.50


Pinky & Perky GF option Gluten Free £20.95

A full rack of Ribs, you better be hungry because we mean full! Smothered in our BBQ sauce and served with coleslaw, onion rings, dressed salad and french fries

Chicken, Chilli & Ribs £24.95

Half rack of BBQ ribs, deep fried chicken quarter, southern fried chicken wings and chilli con carne all served with coleslaw, dressed salad and French fries


Burger Relish £1.50

Warm custard £1.50

Coleslaw £2.50

Jalapeño Coleslaw Spicy £2.50

Cheeseslaw £2.50

French Fries £3.00

Side Salad £4.00

Seasoned fries £4.00

Onion Rings £4.00

Sweet Potato Fries £4.00

Battered & Deep Fried Chillies Spicy £5.50

In house sauces!

Insane VeganSpicySpicy £1.50
Silly VeganSpicy £1.50
Piri Piri Spicy £1.50

Blue Cheese £2.50
House BBQ £2.50
Red Wine Gravy £2.50

White Wine Gravy Vegan £2.50
Vegan Cheese Sauce Vegan £2.50

Gluten Free



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