All of our burgers are homemade with quality local mince using traditional methods (squash it all together so its nice & juicy). Each burger is served in a lightly toasted ciabatta and comes with french fries & salad garnish

The Fun Guy £10.45 V

Large flat mushrooms, onion rings, goats cheese, sliced tomato, beetroot & fresh rocket

Who Me £10.45 V

Halloumi, deep fried in our Southern coating sat on crisp leaves and beef tomato topped with coleslaw and a fresh tomato salsa

Plain & Simple £10.45

Our classic homemade burger

Plain, simple with cheese £10.95

Our classic homemade burger with melted cheddar cheese

The Burger £11.95

Our classic homemade burger with melted cheddar cheese & grilled bacon

The Cheeseboard £11.95

Burger stuffed with stilton & apple, topped with mozzarella & Fig chutney

The Golden Ticket £11.95golden ticket burger

Homemade burger with a chilli and dark chocolate centre. Topped with melted cheddar cheese. Plus one lucky person each month will find gold in their burger and won’t pay for their mains, they are on us

Matador £11.95

Homemade burger, chorizo & sweet paprika topped with melted cheddar & bacon, served with a side of tomato Salsa

Tight Squeeze £11.95

Homemade burger stuffed with garlic mushrooms, topped with mozzarella & a sweet chilli sauce plus a side of garlic mayo

Trump (it’s that daft it might actually work) £11.95

Homemade burger with a doughnut, strawberry jam, maple syrup and a side of warm custard

THE ELVIS £11.95

Homemade burger, with crispy bacon, melted cheese, peanut butter topped off with banana

Ribcage £11.95

Our in house Ribs (de–boned, we hope) cooked in our own BBQ sauce with a side of coleslaw

SFC £11.95

Southern Fried Chicken deep fried and cooked in our homemade southern style flour, with beef tomato and garlic mayo & served with a side of house coleslaw

The Big golden ticket burger £11.95

Chicken breast infused with fresh garlic, topped with a slice of beef tomato, pickled carrot Julien, ginger & beetroot. Dressed with fresh rocket and parmesan

Blue Bird £11.95

Chicken breast topped with garlic mushrooms cooked in a cream and stilton sauce

Taj Mahal £13.45Shalimar

Chicken breast with an onion bhaji covered in Shalimar’s curry sauce with mango chutney

Bucking Bronco  £13.45 hot food icon

Our classic homemade burger, with a kick! Topped with chilli cheese with deep fried chillies on the side plus a side of our unique homemade silly sauce

Oink Oink  £13.45

Homemade pork burger infused with apple, topped with a beer battered onion ring & BBQ pulled pork

Double Bubble £13.45

Homemade burger, topped with chicken strips, covered in pan fried onions & melted cheddar cheese

BuyRum Burger £13.45

Homemade burger with the core ingredients of Harrogate Tipples Rum, topped with mozzarella and a honey glaze accompanied with a Coca Cola Zero sorbet

Chilli Burger £13.45

Homemade burger topped with our own chilli con carne, an onion ring, jalapeños, sour cream and grated cheddar

Surf ‘n’ Turf £14.95RAMUS

Homemade burger, topped with whitebait, battered squid rings & shell on king prawns

Not content with our usual burgers, have them a bit differently with our Tower of Burgers


Build your own tower of burgers using one or a combination of burgers from the above selection

Blackpool (158m) £15.95*

Order in a Lancashire accent & choose two of our homemade burgers, served with a dressed salad & french fries

Eyeful (301m) £19.95*

Say it in a French accent & choose three of our homemade burgers, served with a dressed salad & french fries ‘ooh la la’

Shard (310m) £23.95*

In a cockney accent choose four of our homemade burgers, served with a dressed salad & french fries

Stratosphere (350m) £27.95*

Supersized American style, this tower is five homemade burgers of your choice, served with a dressed salad & french fries

tower burger at burgers and more

*Additional £1.50 per burger if choosing Surf & Turf


Collect in person and get 10% off

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